Surf Village Hostel, Dahican, 8200 Mati City, Davao Oriental, Minadano, Philippines
How to find us:
Coming from Davao airport:
  • Take a taxi outside the airport. Just ignore the men calling out to give you a ride, walk a few steps up to get a regular meter taxi.
  • Tell the driver to bring you to Victoria Plaza Mall van terminal. The meter should start at 40.- pesos, the ride takes about 15 to 30 minutes depending on traffic and costs about 150.- pesos.
  • The van terminal is very small, so just ask for the van to Mati. The first van leaves at 6am, from then on are vans leaving every one hour or when the van is full, until the last van at 7pm.
  • A ticket to Mati costs 220.- pesos.
  • The journey takes 3 to 4 hours. The drivers don’t stop for toilette breaks, unless you ask them.
  • Maybe the van driver will bring you, for some extra money, all the way to Dahican to the hostel. If not, ask to be dropped off at the market (palenke). There are always tricy or motor drivers waiting.
  • Tricy or motor, a ride to Dahican should not cost more than 30.- to 50.- pesos per person.
  • If the driver does not know Surf Village Hostel, just tell him to bring you to Dahican and then follow the sings. The ride takes about 20 min from Mati market.
Coming by car:
  • Make your way to Mati City.
  • Follow the road signs to Dahican and then follow our Surf Village Hostel signs.
  • The last 300 meters leading to the hostel are a simple dirt road.
Dahican beach:
Dahican is a seven-kilometer stretch of coast with surfable waves all year. Skimboard, swim, snorkel, or hang ten all day, and when you’re done, pass the time by relaxing on the fine white sands of its beaches. Watch the locals train surf and skimboard, some are regional and even international champions.